What permissions does the Channel Administrator have?

Channel Administrators have access comparable to Organization Administrators but are limited to managing only the channels assigned to them. This ensures efficient oversight of specific channels, maintaining organizational consistency while facilitating effective delegation of responsibilities.


The Channel Administrator does not have access to the organization-level settings. When the Channel Administrator hovers the mouse pointer over the organization-level settings, it will show them the 🚫 icon.

Within the channel, they will see Dashboard, AudienceNewsletters and Settings.

The Dashboard page will show their channels metrics for the last 30 days, both promotion and delivery metrics.


The Audience page will give them access to all the pages within Audience, which are:

  1. Audience
  2. Segments
  3. Tags


The Channel Administrator has the ability to add, delete, and modify contacts. Additionally, they can export and upload CSV files. This functionality empowers Channel Administrators to efficiently manage contact lists, ensuring accuracy and relevance for communication purposes. Please refer to this article How to manage the Audience Engagement page per channel?


The Channel Administrator has the ability to create and modify segments. This allows them to organize contacts based on various criteria such as demographics, behavior, or preferences, facilitating targeted and personalized communication strategies. Please refer to this article How do tags and segments work?


As a Channel Administrator, you have the ability to add, modify, and delete tags. Tags are useful for categorizing contacts based on specific attributes or characteristics, enabling more efficient organization and targeted communication strategies. Please refer to this article How do tags and segments work?


The Newsletters page will give them access to all the pages within Newsletters, which are:

  1. Automations
  2. Curations
  3. Newsletters
  4. Templates


Channel Administrator have the capability to create, edit, activate, and delete automations when sending newsletters. This functionality enables them to streamline the newsletter distribution process, schedule automated sending times, personalize recipient experiences, and optimize engagement strategies. Please refer to this article on automations.


They can also perform tasks such as adding, editing, activating, and deleting content curations. This flexibility allows them to curate and customize the content selection, ensuring relevance and engagement for the audience. Please refer to this article on curations.


The main role of Channel Administrator is to set up newsletters for the channel. They have the flexibility to create newsletters from a blank template, utilize pre-built templates, or replicate an old published newsletter by making a copy. Please refer to this article on newsletters.


Channel Administrator have the ability to create new templates, as well as modify and delete existing templates. This empowers them to tailor the newsletter format to suit specific content needs, adapt to evolving design trends, and maintain a consistent visual identity across all communications. Please refer to Create, Edit, Delete and Activate/Deactivate a Template.


The Settings page will give them access to all the pages within Settings, which are:

  1. General
  2. Sending emails
  3. Integration


The Channel Administrator has the ability to update various settings of the channel, including the Description, Logo, Timezone, Links to the channel's website and newsletter, as well as contact information. This ensures that the channel's profile remains up-to-date and accurately reflects its identity and communication channels.

Sending emails

  • The Channel Administrator can select an Email service provider, add a Sender name, add a Reply email address, and view the Sender email address.
  • Additionally, they have the capability to set default Body and paragraph font, Heading font, Font color, Background color, and Accent color. They also have the ability to specify Body and paragraph fallback fonts and Heading fallback fonts in case the email provider doesn’t support the chosen fonts.
  • Furthermore, the Channel Administrator can add Email CSS for further customization of emails if desired.
  • They can also adjust the Archive visibility settings.


The Channel Administrator also has the capability to connect to services such as Stripe and Evvnt. Additionally, they can embed a subscription form directly into the channel, facilitating seamless subscription management and integration with external platforms.


For more information, please refer to KB Article Account Settings in channel level