How to approve or request changes of a promotion

Promotion management is a dialogue with your promoter. Sometimes content needs a tweak before it's ready.


Promotion Approvals is available to creators who opted-in to early access testing. This article will change as the feature is refined.


When a promotion is submitted to your newsletter you'll receive an email alerting you that it's ready for review. From either that email or the promotion view in the app itself, you will have two options:

  1. Approve
  2. Request changes

Approving a promotion does just that. The promoter gets a confirmation, and the only thing left to do is to place it in your newsletter.

Requesting a change starts a dialogue with your promoter, which just means that through the app you can leave comments to each other through the Promotion's dashboard. Eventually when the Promoter makes and submit changes, you'll receive another prompt to review them. From here you can approve or request further changes.

How does the approval status of a promotion affect automatic placement, or feeds?


If you are sending newsletters through Letterhead, only approved promotions will automatically insert into your content.


If you are using the Promotions API, you have control as to which promotions appear with your query. By default, only approved promotions will show, but you have full control.


If you are using your Promotion RSS feed, it works pretty similarly to the API and while by default only approved promotions are displayed, you have full control. Note: documentation for this is forthcoming.