Why can't I send an attachment with my newsletter?

Attachments are not allowed in Letterhead in order to safeguard the deliverability of your emails.

In most cases, viruses are sent through attachments, and as a result, spam detectors are much more likely to reject emails with attachments or send them directly to the Spam folder. Additionally, attachments in newsletters can slow down the sending process and impact the deliverability of your newsletter.

Here are simple ways to send files to your subscribers:

  1. Host the file on your website and include an external link or a download button in the body of your newsletter.
  2. Use external file hosting services like Dropbox or Google Drive to host the file, and then include a link or button in your newsletter for subscribers to download the file from these platforms (make sure the permissions are public!).

Both of these options are possible by using the hyperlink function or URL block within the email builder.