What do Letterhead statuses mean?

Each status in the newsletter sending process serves a distinct purpose, guiding the sender through the stages of creation, scheduling, and delivery.

Draft Status

When a newsletter is in the "Draft" status, it means that it's still in the process of being created or edited by the sender. While in this status, the sender can make changes, add content, or refine the message before deciding to schedule or send it out.

Scheduled Status

A newsletter in the "Scheduled" status signifies that it is queued for sending at a specified date and time chosen by the sender. Once the scheduled time is reached, the newsletter transitions to the "Sending" status.

Sending Status

Previously, newsletters would transition from "Scheduled" to "Published" once the scheduled time was reached, even if delivery wasn't complete. Now, newsletters will display as "Sending" at 25%, and 50% until delivery is confirmed for 75% of the audience members.

You'll be able to track its progress as it makes its way to your audience's inboxes. Once delivery is confirmed for 75% of your audience, the status will change to "Published," indicating that the majority of your subscribers have received the newsletter.


When a newsletter reaches the "Published" status, it indicates that it has been successfully delivered to the intended audience. This status confirms that the newsletter has been sent out and is available for viewing by subscribers.