What is the Organization Audience page?

This article provides an overview of our organization audience page, where organization administrators can view their audience members across all their channels.

In the Audience organization level, you can see how many channels each audience member is a part of and their status. There are also different filters that can be used to easily view/modify the audiences.

There are 3 filters that you can use to find your subscribers: 

  • The search filter box can be used to search a specific email or name of a subscriber by typing it in the search box and then hitting the Search button.
    • If the email or name you are searching for is available, then it must show on the list.
    • If the email or name is not available, there will be no details showing up.
  • Channels you can filter a specific channel by clicking on the drop-down arrow, then you can see the list of subscribers below.

  • Status will allow you to filter the different statuses of the subscribers just click on the drop-down arrow. 
    • After you clicked the status that you would like to search, the details will show below.


Channel's table it is the last section of the page showing all channel details like Name, Email, Channel and Status.

If you run into any issues as you open this page, please be sure to send us an email at support@tryletterhead.com or log a support ticket through the Help Center