Letterhead Glossary

This glossary includes unfamiliar terms and definitions that appear in this help center:

Letterhead the name of our platform, learn more
Authoring Letterhead's tool for creating and scheduling newsletters 
Ad manager  Letterhead's tool for managing newsletter promotion (ad) sales
 Promotions paid sponsored media content (ads)
 Creator a user who creates Newsletters serviced by Letterhead
Promoter a customer who purchases space in a newsletter to share a promotion 
Promotion credit one promotion credit equals one available date in the newsletter to place the promotion type purchased
Promotion package a collection of Promotion type(s) that is sold to a promoter
Promotion type a unique structure for a promotion; each promotion type carries properties, for example, a banner promotion type includes a 728x90px image and a link
Brand the company or organization in whose newsletters we are selling promotions. Each creator may manage many brands. Each brand may have many newsletters (example: WhereBy.Us)
Newsletter the content distribution channel or product in which creators are selling a promotion; a newsletter belongs to a single Brand (example: The New Tropic)
Custom promotion type a promotion type that is unique to a specific brand
 Default promotion type the common promotion types that are serviced by Letterhead
Store the landing page where a promoter can learn more about a brand, and view and select promotion packages for purchase
Stripe the tool Letterhead uses to manage online payments
Total clicks the total number of times a promotion was clicked
Total reads  the total number of times a promotion was viewed