What can I do to improve my email deliverability?

Want to avoid going to spam? Read our suggestions below.

To achieve optimal deliverability and inbox placement rates, it is crucial to establish your credibility as a sender and build a positive reputation with mailbox providers, such as Gmail and Hotmail.

Follow these guidelines to accomplish that:

  1. Obtain Permission: Only send emails to individuals who have actively subscribed to receive your content.  Letterhead sends a verification email to ensure a subscriber legitimately subscribed to receive your content.
  2. Be Transparent: Ensure that your email content is relevant to the recipient. Provide meaningful information in the Subject, From, and Reply-to headers.
  3. Eliminate Hard Bounces: Immediately remove any invalid recipient addresses (hard bounces) from your future email campaigns (Letterhead does this for you automatically).  
  4. Stop Sending to Uninterested Recipients & take the following steps:
    • Remove inactive users who haven't opened or clicked your emails in the last 30 days.
    • Set up and verify DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) for your sending domains. 
      • If you use the '@a.letterhead.email' domain, no action is required.  It is setup for our domain.
      • If you have a custom domain that you setup with Letterhead during your onboarding, this is setup for you. 
Avoid the Following Poor Practices:
  • Sending messages without proper testing and proofreading.
  • Concealing the sender's identity or using deceptive subject lines.
  • Hiding or ignoring unsubscribe links and requests.
  • Purchasing email lists, particularly from untrustworthy sources.
  • Selling your list to third parties without obtaining permission.
  • Establish custom bounce and tracking domains (Letterhead does this for you during onboarding).

For more detailed information on this topic, we recommend reviewing the MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) Sender Best Common Practices.