Multi-user editing alert

What happens if someone tries to edit a newsletter at the same time?

This is a simple feature in Letterhead that prevents multiple users from editing the same newsletter at the same time.  At the moment, Letterhead does not support simultaneous collaboration, and this alert prevents users from overwriting each other's work.

It will alert a user if someone is already editing draft.  When a writer is currently editing the newsletter, an alert will pop up indicating the email address of the current writer/user

take over draft 4

At this point, you can Take over editing or cancel, and exit the newsletter you are trying to access.  This is meant to not allow individual users to edit the same newsletter, at the same time, and, unknowingly, overwrite each other's work.

If you opt to 'Take over editing', the original writer will no longer be able to save their work, if it hasn't auto-saved yet.  Auto-saves happen automatically when a writer stops typing or exit out of the newsletter composer.

Co-writers should coordinate before taking over from each other to avoid losing their edits. 

When a user takes over the editing process, upon auto-saving (after two (2) seconds of being inactive), the original writer will be notified that someone else has taken over editing the newsletter.

take over draft 1

This image shows an alert that another user/writer has taken over editing the newsletter. Once you click the "Exit to Dashboard," you will be out from the composer and routed to the newsletter page. 

At the moment, users can take over the newsletter endlessly, but only one can write at a time. 

Note: Another indication that the newsletter is currently editing by another writer/user is in the Newsletters screen.

This icon icon is visible on the right-hand side of the edition's row.

take over draft 2

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