How to create custom field?

This will provide you the steps on how to create custom field

  1. On the left panel, click Audience
  2. In the Audience page, there is an option to add custom fields, click Custom fields at the right top.
  3. Click Add field
  4. The New custom field will appear, add the information you want to see in the user's profile.

    Name - This is the name of the field

    Type -  This field allows you to select what type of field you want to create

    • Text - Free text from
    • Boolean - Option is True or False
    • Number - You must enter numeric characters
    • Date - The value should be mm-dd-yyyy as it will give you error if you enter a different format.

    Default - If this is filled out, it will be the default value in the user's contact information. 

  5. Hit Submit