How do I create an Organization-wide or Brand Promotion?

This article will help you to add a promotion at the organization level to place across all of your newsletter accounts. This feature is currently in Alpha.

  1. On the left panel, select the name of the Organization or Brand (not an individual Newsletter).
  2. Once you are in the organization, please refer to the menu options on the left hand side of the screen, and click on Promotions.NEW P1
  3. Once the Promotions screen loads, click on Create campaign button on the top right of the screen.
  4. Once the Create campaign pop-up loads, please fill out the following fields:
    • Title: Name of the campaign
    • Description, which will appear on invoices, if this campaign is to be sold.
    • Promoter name: Advertiser
    • Promoter email: Advertiser's email address
    • Sell this campaign: Off by default, which is not-sellable.  If enabled, it will create a purchase link through Stripe, and fields below will load:

Please make sure your Stripe account is integrated with Letterhead.  Please refer to this article for more information.

      • Price: cost of the ad placement for this campaign.  It is the total amount the advertiser will be charged.
      • Checkbox to make this publicly available in your Promotion Store.  It will show up as an item that can be purchased by anyone visiting your store.
    • Channels: Do you want this campaign to be available for all of the channels/newsletters under your brand?

5. Click Create.

Add a promotion

Once your campaign is sold and your advertiser has sent through his assets, OR you are ready to create a promotion in this new campaign.

  1. Click Add promotion (if you are already in the campaign).  If not, click on the campaign you are going to work on directly from the Campaigns screen.
  2. Once the sidebar opens, select a promotion template.  The dropdown will display the promotion templates available within your brand.  If your dropdown is empty, please reach out to support.
  3. Once you have selected your promotion type, the rest of the form will load, with the options available:
    • Content
      • Promotion from: Enter the Advertiser's name; this will show up at the top of the promotion in the published newsletter
      • Image: If the promotion has an image, please upload it here.
      • A Compelling Headline: replace this text with your promotion's headline.
      • Content box: Please fill in with the promotion text and include the CTA.
      • Image URL: should be the same as the CTA url.
        • The url must be secure (https://) to keep us off spam lists.  If your URL is not secure, we recommend using a bitly link instead, which will begin with https.
    • Schedule
      • Select the dates you would like your promotion to run.
  4. Click Add promotion

Once your promotion is created, Letterhead will display a preview.

For instructions on how to add the organization-wide promotion to a newsletter in your existing channel(s), please click here.

*If you would like to join our Alpha or Beta users, please fill out a support form in the Help Center, thank you!

Please note that you cannot add a promotion unless you have a campaign.