How can I find a promotion ID?

If you logged a support ticket, it is best to include the promotion ID, so here is where you can find it.

The promotion ID can be found on the address bar, where the URL of the current page is. 

You may follow the steps below for your reference: 

1. Log in to your tryletterhead account 

2. Click on the promotion tab [left side of the panel] 

promotion id

3. You may click on any promotion from the list.

promo ID 2

4. After you click on the promotion from the list, a flyout box will appear on the left side. Then on the address bar of the page, the numbers you will see in the last part of the URL are the promotion ID. 

promo ID 3

NOTE: When a support team assists you related to a promotion concern, they will ask you to provide the promotion ID.