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What is Letterhead?



Letterhead is a software-as-a-service platform that helps creators, writers, publishers, and marketers build communities of engaged users with email newsletters. It includes a newsletter builder designed for user engagement, plus tools to facilitate newsletter advertising and growth.

Create newsletters in minutes


Create beautiful newsletters in our easy-to-use newsletter builder, create your own templates, and load sold promotions in the right sections of your newsletter.

Track newsletter and promotion performance

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View your newsletter's opens, clicks, 24-hour performance, and more; track your promotion's number of clicks and reads and share that with advertisers.

Manage subscribers

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Add a single subscriber or import your subscribers in bulk, set subscribers' statuses and tags, or create different segments to target with tailored newsletters.

Manage ad sales

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Create a store with multiple promotion types and packages to grow advertising revenue through self-service and managed sales; easily manage your inventory, upcoming orders, and set dynamic prices based on subscriber numbers.


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Purchase promotion packages from a Letterhead network store, then create and schedule promotions for publication and view metrics in your dashboard.