Tags and segments

How to use tags and segments to help you categorize and target your newsletter subscribers

We use tags to organize contacts into different groups of interests, topics, or any other category that you'd like to create to help you deliver the right content to the right audience. After tagging your contacts, you can create different segments with one or multiple tags, and from the newsletter editor, you can choose which segment you want o send your email campaigns to.

How to create tags:

  1. You can create a new tag by navigating to Subscribers-> Tags (on the upper right side of the page), then click on the Add a new Tag button.
  2. Enter your tag name and color.
  3. You can also create a new tag when you create a new subscriber.

How to tag contacts:

  1. Click to edit the contact, start typing the tag's name to find it, click Update to save.

How to create segments:

  1. To create a new Segment, navigate to Subscribers-> Segments (on the upper right side of the page), then click on the Add a new Segment button.
  2. Enter your segment name and find what tag(s) will be included in this segment.
    1. For example, we have tagged some of our contacts as Creators and Promoters; they are all Letterhead users, so we're going to create a new segment called Letterhead users, which has the tags Creators and Promoters.

To send your newsletter to a specific segment, click on Audience segment on the upper right side of the newsletter editor, to select from your list of segments: