What is a Programmatic Ad?

This article will help you to have a better understanding of the Programmatic ad option.

A programmatic ad allows for Letterhead clients to automate ad placement.  It's a simple way to generate revenue, and it best serves as a backup to direct sold ads.

You will be able to schedule your newsletter without worrying about selling, scheduling, and approving ads/promotions. 

Although this option is visible on all Letterhead accounts, you do need to coordinate with support and/or your Account Manager prior to adding the Promotion block and selecting this promotion type.  

A programmatic ad will not be visible in a published newsletter, if it has not been enabled by our team.

Once you have coordinated with our team and a programmatic ad partner has been selected, you can add the promotion placeholder in the newsletter/template, and select 'Programmatic' as the Promotion type

prorammatic placeholder 2

Who can access the Programmatic Placeholder?

Answer: Any channel can access it for as long as they have set it up with their Letterhead Account Manager. 

How can I coordinate with support or my Account Manager? 

Answer: You may request it by submitting a ticket, emailing, or chatting with the Letterhead support team or emailing your Account Manager directly. 

How many Programmatic placeholders can I place? 

Answer: As of now, the user can use a maximum of 4 programmatic placeholders. 

The payout from these ads will vary on list size, audience profile or niche, and send frequency. 

It can generally range from $0.08-$1.00 per click.

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