What is the Ad Marketplace?

Learn about the Letterhead Ad Marketplace and how it helps you fill unsold inventory with partner pay-per-click advertising from leading brands

This feature is in Alpha, meaning it's not available by default to all users while we work out the rough edges. Contact support if you're interested in getting early access and testing the feature. 

👉 View the step-by-step guide on inserting marketplace ads into your newsletter.

Browse and book various networked advertisements that pay out based on performance—all self-service and at your disposal. 

Our network promotions are a tool to help with multiple jobs:

  1. A chance to make revenue from a previously unsold newsletter (rates have the  opportunity to increase as engagement increases.)
  2. Showcase your unsold inventory to potential marketers.
  3. Share brands aligned with your mission easily by browsing our partners.

How does it work?

  • Letterhead works with partner advertisers to secure promotions and ad rates.
  • Letterhead takes the best opportunities and automatically loads them into the Marketplace.
  • You (the creator) can browse and book promotions at your discretion.
  • Letterhead works with the affiliate partner on a rolling 45-day period to reconcile clicks and payout.
  • Letterhead will pay you out directly via stripe. Make sure your stripe account is connected.