How to navigate Letterhead

A rundown of what you will find when clicking on the left-side menu

The Letterhead menu is the main point of access to the different tools available on 

From the menu, you can visit the following links: 

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 3.24.18 PM

Dashboard (homepage) to navigate to the dashboard where you can view promotion sales, upcoming scheduled promotions, and promotion orders.
Authoring to navigate to the newsletter dashboard, where you can create, manage, and schedule newsletters.
Discounts to create and manage discount codes that you can give to advertisers to purchase promotion packages from your store
Packages to view, create, edit, and manage promotion packages
Promotions to view all your promotions (upcoming and published), and find metrics for your published promotions
Promotions Types  to view what promotion types you have available in your account, and edit your types for sale
Sales to view dates, amounts, order numbers, and promotion packages sold through your promotions store
Settings to manage general, selling promotions (ad management), sending emails (newsletters), and integrations settings
Subscribers (not available to all users yet) to add, edit, and manage your newsletter subscribers 
Pages: Store to go to your promotions store page