How to use the Authoring page

Learn how to navigate the Authoring page to create and manage your newsletters

The Authoring page is where you can create, search, and manage drafts, upcoming, and published newsletter editions, and manage newsletter templates

To access the Authoring page, click on Authoring in the Letterhead menu. 

Use the links on the right to filter your newsletter editions by Drafts, Scheduled, or Published, and to see any newsletter Templates you've created.

In the newsletter table you can view the following columns:

  • Scheduled or Published: the date the newsletter is scheduled for publication, or when the newsletter was published, Drafts and Templates will not display a Scheduled/Published date
  • Edition: the newsletter's Subject line, Preview text, status (Draft, Scheduled, Published, Template), and when it was last modified
  • Segment: the audience list the newsletter sends to
  • Actions: links to Edit, Duplicate, and Delete the edition; if the edition has the Published status it can't be deleted or edited, but only viewed and duplicated

Use the search bar on the top left corner of the table to search for keywords displayed in the columns.

Use the Create->New edition button on the upper right side of the page, to create your first newsletter draft, learn more.