How to use images to design a compelling store

The store page is divided into two sections: newsletter introduction and packages.

The first thing visitors see when accessing a store is the newsletter introduction:

Your store is your newsletter's first impression with potential promoters. To show the value of placing promotions in your newsletter, include a detailed description, accurate audience metrics, and compelling images to showcase your brand.

We recommend uploading a screenshot of how your newsletter content appears on mobile, a store banner, and a thumbnail. 

In this article, explore examples of how to effectively use the three store images to help you make design decisions and create a professional-looking store. 

Newsletter screenshot

The screenshot is placed on a phone graphic automatically after upload and should be 362 x 660 pixels.

Ideally, your screenshot image should have: 

  • Your newsletter logo or name
  • An example of a promotion type you are selling
  • A sample of your newsletter content

If you use Mailchimp, you can create a draft campaign to include all the information you want promoters to see on your screenshot image and enter preview mode -> mobile to take a screenshot of how your content appears on a phone.

Examples of screenshots:

Store banner

When a store banner image is uploaded, it is used in place of the newsletter title above the newsletter description. 

Without store banner:
Store banner:
  • A store banner should include your newsletter name and be easy to read
  • Use a png file to avoid a potentially mismatched white background
  • If your logo doesn't fit the dimensions of this section, it is better to not upload it as a store banner and use the text version of your newsletter name

Examples of store banners:


The thumbnail image appears on the Letterhead store at, thumbnails should be 600 x 400 pixels.

  • The thumbnail is like a digital business card with your logo
  • It may also be used in places where your store is discovered online, like in search results and on social media posts
  • You may include an image with text details about your audience, such as the number of subscribers you reach, but remember the image should be easy to read

Examples of thumbnails: