How to use the Programmatic Placeholder.

The user must log in via a Letterhead account. Then choose the channel and the newsletter or template they will work with. 

The user can either click the NEWSLETTER FROM THE LIST or the TEMPLATES.  

Programmatic 1



You can choose the newsletter from the list. Then click on it. Please note that you can add the Programmatic Placeholder/s so long as the newsletter is on DRAFT or SCHEDULED only


programmatic 2

For the SCHEDULED newsletter, hit the PAUSE AND EDIT button to edit or add the placeholder. 

programmatic 13Step # 1 


programmatic 12Step # 2 



Click on the TEMPLATE on the upper right corner of the page. Then select the DRAFT or ACTIVE template. 


programmatic 4Step # 1


programmatic 6Step # 2


If the template is on DRAFT status, click the EDIT TEMPLATE or the pencil iconimage-png-Feb-01-2023-01-04-51-2105-PM when you hover the mouse over the template. 

programmatic 7

For the ACTIVE template, click the EDIT TEMPLATE or the pencil icon image-png-Feb-01-2023-01-04-51-2105-PM when you hover the mouse over it, then click the DEACTIVATE button on the upper right. 


programmatic 8Step # 1 


programmatic 9Step # 2 



After you click the newsletter from the list or your chosen template, on the right-side panel you can drag and drop the PROMOTION block


programmatic 3

Then you can choose from the drop-down the PROGRAMMATIC


programmatic 11

If you would like to see the Ads or Promotions you may click on the PREVIEW AND TEST

Once done, you may hit the CONTINUE button and complete the details needed for the newsletter/template to be activated or scheduled.  


If the user does not see the Programmatic Ad option, you may reach out to Letterhead support team or your Account Executive so that they can explain how to enable this option for you.


If you run into any issues as you open this page, please be sure to send us an email at or log a support ticket through the Help Center.