How to feature my store in the Letterhead marketplace

The Letterhead marketplace is where we feature promotion stores from newsletter creators just like you, to visit the marketplace go to

To feature your store in the marketplace, follow the steps below:

  1. Your store must be active and complete if you haven't done that yet, see the following video for instructions on how to set up your store:
  2. Create at least one advertising package, see the following video for instructions on how to create a package:
  3. Go to Settings->Selling promotions to upload your channel's thumbnail, so we can ensure that your store looks great on the marketplace page.
  4. Go to Settings->General to complete the Describe your audience section, learn more.
  5. Contact our support team to let us know your store is ready to be featured in the marketplace. 

If you signed up for the Professional or Enterprise plan, we will do all the work for you before onboarding and feature your store in the marketplace after reviewing it with you.