How to create an impactful promotion type image

When creating a promotion type, we require an image showing how the promotion will look in your newsletter so that promoters can see what they will be purchasing.

After a promoter clicks Buy on a store, the promotion type images are displayed on the checkout page. The images should be 600 x 400 pixels.


How to create a promotion type image:

  • Create a mock-up of the promotion type layout in your newsletter;
  • Edit the promotion type mock-up to match the design you want to have in your newsletter — for example, if you want the call to action link to be a colored button, make sure to change that
  • Use text and images in your mock-up that represent an ideal promoter for your newsletter — for example, a newsletter about puppy training may mock-up an example promotion type featuring dog treats
  • Take a screenshot of your final design.

Examples of promotion type images:

Image with text:
Expanded text:


Expanded text with image:


Expanded text with promoter's logo:


Expanded text with image and promoter's logo: