How do I create a channel-level promotion?

Learn how to create and schedule promotion at the channel level (for one newsletter/account only)

  1. Click Promotions
  2. On the upper right of the screen, select Promotions
  3. Click the Add Promotion button
  4. Select the type of promotion in the dropdown and enter all the information
    1. There's an option to add images in some of the promotions
  5. As a newsletter administrator, you may choose to override the disabled dates in your calendar by selecting the Override disabled dates option
  6. Select the Promotion date
  7. Tick the agreement and click Submit
  8. Your newly created promotion can be found on the promotions page
  9. If you want to make changes, click the promotion
  10. Click the pencil icon to edit
  11. You can only modify the date, Name of the company or organization, Override disabled dates, and Promotion date, regardless of the status.
  12.  Tick the agreement and click Update