How to build a campaign?

Learn how to build and manage promotion campaigns.

  1. Click Promotions on the left panel
  2. On the upper right of the screen, select Campaigns
  3. Click the Add Campaign button
  4. Enter the name of the campaign. Typically the promoter's business name
  5. Click on Create
  6. Click Design a promotion 
  7. Select the promo type
  8. Fill out all the fields. You can always edit it later.
  9. Select the dates you wish this campaign to run. You can unselect any by clicking a second time.
  10. Click Create
  11. Click the New dropdown and select Approved
  12. If you want to modify your promotion, Go into Campaigns and select your campaign. Click on the promotion.
  13. Click the pencil button to edit
  14. Update the promotion and make sure your promotion is approved
  15. If you want to STOP a campaign but not delete it. Just go to the approved drop-down and select Draft.