How to add promotions policies to your store

You can add a link to your promotion policy or terms and conditions page to your Letterhead store so promoters see and agree to your terms before purchasing and scheduling a promotion to publish in your newsletter. Creators use this optional feature to restrict or not allow certain types of content or businesses to publish in their newsletters and to outline any policies that must be followed.

Here's how to add your terms and conditions page to your store:

  1. Write and publish your terms and conditions on a website — at the moment, Letterhead is unable to host a page with your policy. Example:
    1. Santa Cruz Local policies
  2. Log into your Letterhead account
  3. Click Settings in the Letterhead menu 
  4. In the Selling promotions section of the Settings page, scroll down to the field Link to your promotions terms and conditions and enter your terms and conditions page's URL
  5. Click the Save your settings to save and submit your change

How and where do promoters see your policies page?

After adding a link to your terms and conditions page from your newsletter settings, every time promoters create and schedule a promotion in your newsletter, they will be required to agree to your terms and conditions to enable the Schedule button.


There will also be a link to your policies under the About your audience section on your store page, shown here: