Welcome to Letterhead

What is Letterhead?



Letterhead is a software-as-a-service platform to help creators, writers, publishers, and marketers build communities of engaged users with email newsletters. It includes tools to facilitate newsletter advertising and memberships, plus a newsletter builder designed for user engagement.

Letterhead Authoring

Authoring is currently in an alpha testing stage, which means it is not fully stable and only available to a few users.

Authoring is our newsletter builder tool. With authoring, users can draft newsletter content with templates, then schedule newsletters for publication. They can also control which sections of the newsletter are for paying readers only. Alongside the Promotions tool, users can automatically add and preview promotions that have been scheduled by promoters in the right place in the newsletter.

  • A Mailchimp account is required to use authoring

Letterhead Promotions for creators

Letterhead Promotions allows newsletter creators to set up a store with multiple promotion types and  packages to grow advertising revenue through self-service and managed sales. They can easily manage inventory, upcoming orders, and set dynamic prices based on subscriber numbers.


Letterhead Promotions for advertisers

Advertisers can purchase a promotion package from a Letterhead network store, then create and schedule their promotions for publication and view metrics in their dashboard.