Create discount codes

You can create, view, activate, and deactivate discount codes to offer to potential promoters to use at checkout when they're making a purchase in your store.

To create your first discount code, click on the Discount Codes link in the Letterhead menu to access the discount codes page, then click on Create -> New discount code:


Complete each form field using the following instructions:

  1. Discount code name: enter the name you want to use to help you identify your discount code, for example, 15% first-time shopper offer.
  2. Discount code: this is the code you provide to your customers to enter at checkout, for example, FTP15.
    1. The code is not case sensitive.
    2. It can only have letters and/or numbers and no spaces.
    3. It must have at least 5 characters and no more than 30 characters.
  3. Percentage discount: the percentage amount that will be taken off when the discount is used.
  4. Is this code active?: switch the toggle to ON to activate your discount code immediately upon creation.

Once the form fields are complete, click the Create button to save and create your new discount code.

How to deactivate or delete a discount code

Discount codes can be deactivated, meaning they remain saved in your account and can be reactivated later, or they can be completely deleted from your account.

To deactivate or delete a discount code, click on Edit in the Actions column of the Discount Codes table, switch the activation toggle to OFF and click on Update to deactivate your discount code, or click directly on Delete to completely delete your discount code.


To learn how promoters can use your new discount code, check out the article: How to apply a discount code to your order.