How to create promotion types (Pro plan or above)

Promotion types are templates that carry different properties for creating promotions, learn how to create a promotion type

To create a promotion type:

  1. Click the Promotion types link in the Letterhead menu.
    1. You must create promotion types before you can create promotion packages.
  2. Click the Add type button.
    1. This button is only available to users on the Pro plan or above
  3. Complete each form field using the following instructions:
  • Promotion type name: Use 50 characters or less to give your promotion type a name. This will appear in your store. Be descriptive; for example, if the promotion type will be displayed at the top of your newsletter, you might call it “Title” or “Premiere.”
  • Description: Use 140 characters or less to describe where and how this promotion type will be displayed in your newsletter.
  • How many of these promotions do you sell per edition? Enter a whole number representing how many of this promotion type will appear in each publication or send your newsletter.
  • Cost per thousand (CPM) subscribers: The CPM is how much you charge to reach 1,000 subscribers.
  • Screenshot: We require stores to show an example of how promotion types will look to promoters so that your customers understand what they’re purchasing. Screenshots should be 600 x 400 pixels and be either a jpg or png.
  • MJML Template: We use MJML (a markup language) to generate the promotion's HTML template; you can find the MJML templates for each of our default promotion types here. If you are creating a custom promotion type, custom MJML templates will be provided upon request.

Next, toggle the promotion type properties to create one of our default types, learn more, or create your own custom type:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 7.19.40 PM

Custom schedule: Use the custom schedule toggle if you'd like to set a custom schedule for this promotion type. Learn more.

Once the form fields are complete, click the Create button to save and submit your settings. If you leave a page before clicking Create, your changes may not be saved.


Now that your promotion type is created, create a new package and add your promotion type to your package.

This image shows how the promotion type name, description, and the screenshot are displayed on your store: