How to create promotion packages

Promotion packages contain promotion types and are the products that appear on your promotion store, learn how to create a promotion package

To create a promotion package:

  1. Click the Packages link in the Letterhead menu
  2. Click the Make a package button.
  3. Complete each form field using the following instructions:
  • Promotion package name: This short name appears on your store, along with a description and optional image.
  • Description: In 140 characters or less, describe this promotion package so promoters understand what they are purchasing if they select it.
  • Choose your promotion types: Using the dropdown menu, select all of the promotion types to include in this package.
    • Then enter the number of each promotion type to include in this package.
  • Pricing options: Use the flat fee toggle button to set up your package price manually or automatically, and use the add a discount toggle button to add a discount to your final package price.
    • Flat fee - toggle on: enter the dollar amount of this package under "Package price."
    • Flat fee - toggle off: the package price is calculated automatically for you based on the CPM of one or more promotion types, and your current subscriber numbers.
    • Add a discount - toggle on: enter either a whole-dollar discount (e.g. 15), or switch the percentage discount toggle button to on, to enter a percentage whole number discount.

Design options

  • Image: Upload an image to display with this promotion package on your store. Your image should be 600 x 400 pixels and be either a jpg or png.
  • Display position: On your store, decide where you want this package to appear in relation to your other packages. Enter a whole number to represent its position.
  • Display in your store: Use the toggle button to control whether this package displays publicly on your store.

Once the form fields are complete, click the Create button to save and submit your settings. If you leave the page before clicking Create, your changes may not be saved.

This image shows how the package name, description, image, and price are displayed on your store: