How to use the Channel's promotions page?

The promotions page is where you can search and view all of your past promotions, and upcoming promotions that are pending publication, waiting to be reviewed by you or the promoter, access the calendar view, and create a promotion.

Promotions table: List view

On the left side of the promotions table, you can filter the promotions list to show the following:

  • Waiting on you: new promotions always appear here with the status Needs approval, once approved, they will remain in this section up until their scheduled date.
  • Waiting on them: promotions that have received change requests will appear here with the status Changes requested.
  • Past: all promotions that were scheduled before the current date.

In the promotions table or List view, you can quickly view the following columns:

  • Date scheduled: the date the promotion is scheduled for publication or when the promotion was published (Past).
  • Promotion: the promotion heading — to view more details about the promotion, click on the promotion to open the promotion view modal.
  • Status: one of the four promotion statuses: Needs approval, Changes requested, Approved, and Past.

You can use the search bar on the top right corner of the table to search for the promotion heading, the promoter display name, and the promotion id.