How do tags and segments work?

This article will help you how to categorize and target your newsletter subscribers.

We use tags to organize contacts into different groups of interests, topics, or any other category that you'd like to create to help you deliver the right content to the right audience. After tagging your contacts, you can create different segments with one or multiple tags, and from the newsletter editor, you can choose which segment you want o send your email campaigns to.

How to create tags:

  1. Click Audience
  2. On the upper right of the Audience screen, click Tags
  3. Click the Add tag button
  4. Enter the name of the tag in Name field
  5. Click Color and select the of the tag 
  6. Hit Save

How to tag contacts individually:

  1. In your Audience table, select the subscriber
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click on the Tags dropdown to search and select tags

  4. Hit Save

Take a look at this video to learn how to add tags to your audience: 


How to create segments:

  1. Click on Segments on the upper right of the screen

  2. Click the Add segment button
  3. Enter the name in Segment name field
  4. Select tags you want to use for your audience based on whether they are or are not tagged one or more things
    • Select the the conditional (In or Not In)
    • You can select multiple tags

      Note: If you select multiple tags, the list will include only subscribers in ALL of those tags. e.g., A subscriber in TagA and TagB but not TagC will not be emailed if the segment contains Tags A, B, and C.
  5. There's also an option to narrow the segment to audience member who opened the news letter
    • Select the conditional (OPEN or NOT OPEN)
    • Choose the name of the newsletter from the dropdown
  6. We also have the option to filter using a profile field
    • Select the name of the profile field
    • Select the  conditional (equals to, distinct of, contains or  does not contains)
    • Enter the value of the profile field
  7. Click on Save

To send your newsletter to a specific segment or assign a segment to a template:

  1. Once you're done creating or updating the draft newsletter, click Continue
  2. In Schedule page for Newsletter drafts or Activation page for Templates, you will see an Audience dropdown. Once you click on it, all your segments will load with the latest segment counts in the app.
    1. Select the audience for the newsletter
    2. Fill out other fields
    3. Click on Schedule

    Please note: segment counts are not real-time. It can take a few minutes to update, approximately 15 minutes at times.